Hare Scrambles


We will be hosting our Hare Scrambles on June 5th.  It is a D23/D16 dual point event.

Race Date:

June 5th


4pm to 10pm – Gates Open


8am to 10pm – Gates open
10am to 4pm – Open practice
6 pm to 8 pm – Sign up at the pavilion
10 pm – Gates closed


7am – Gates open
7:30am – Signup at the pavilion
9 am – Peewee, Premier & Girls (1 Hour) *NOTE TIME CHANGE
10:30 am – Micro & Macro (30 Minutes) *NOTE TIME CHANGE
12 pm – C Class (1 hour)
C Classes, Junior, Women’s, Super Senior, Masters & X-Rider
2 pm – AA, A, & B Class (2 hours)


$40– A/AA class entry fee (Payout classes with 5 or more riders)
$35– Adult entry fee
$20 – Mini entry fee
$15 – X-Rider entry fee
$15 – Overnight Parking (per vehicle)
$10 – Gate fee Sunday (kids 5 and under are free)
$30 – Saturday open practice fee
$5 – Transponder

Other Requirements:

District 23 Off-Road numbers are required for Hare Scrambles. If you do not have a D23 Issued number on your bike that matches the number issued on your District Card you will be required to purchase numbers for your bike. At sign up we will have sets of numbers for $5 available for purchase.

AMA Membership
AMA District Membership
No spark arrestor required.
94 dB Sound Test – Sunday @ Motocross track

All hare scramble races held at the Arkansaw MX Park are AMA and District 23  and District 16 sanctioned points-paying events. You must be a member of both the AMA and a local district (any district) to race. All applicable rules and regulations apply. Sign up forms will be available for the AMA and District 23/16 at registration.

Saturday Schedule of events

10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Open practice
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm – Sign up at the pavilion – BRING YOUR HELMETS

Sunday Schedule of events

7:30 am – 2:00 pm – Signup at the pavilion – BRING YOUR HELMETS
9:00 am – 2:00 pm – Sound test
9:00 am – PeeWee / Premier / Girls race start *NOTE TIME CHANGE
10:30 am – Micro / Macro race start *NOTE TIME CHANGE
12:00 pm – C-class / Junior / Women / Masters / X-class race start
2:00 pm – AA-class / A-class / B-class race start

Parking Area

When riding through the parking area PLEASE USE CAUTION.  We enforce a 1st gear speed limit. Please wear your helmets when riding bikes through the pit area.  Riders found not obeying this rule will be disqualified.  Parents, please remind the youth riders of this.


The motocross track will be clearly fenced off.  There will be a designated pit area for the riders’ mechanic, but DO NOT CROSS onto other areas of the track. This is for the safety of the spectators and riders. Please USE EXTREME CAUTION around the track during the event.

Sound Testing

All bikes running in the 12:00 and 2:00 races must successfully pass a sound test and receive a sticker to start in their designated waves.


All classes will start on the MX track starting line. All race starts will be dead engine, initiated with a flag (except Micro/Macro). During the race start, all classes will be staged into their respective waves in the gravel area of the parking lot, with the first wave on the starting line. Once the first wave goes, the second wave will move ahead to the starting line. When the second wave goes, the third wave will move up, and so on.

Pit area

The designated pit area will be marked and located along the start stretch. Please use caution in the pit area. Pit area is limited to the pit crew, spectators including children must stay out of the pit area.


The Micro/Macro track will be a combination of motocross and grass track in the infield of the motocross track.  It will all be visible.  This is the only race that spectators are allowed in the infield.  The Premier, Peewee, Girls, & C course will be approximately 5 miles.  The A/B course will be approximately 7 miles.  The course  includes a majority of the motocross track.  There is single track, two-track, and high speed grass sections.  Please stay on the course, there are planted fields in close proximity to the course and we must respect the farmer’s fields by not riding on them.


 Trophies will be available for pick up at the trophy window on the side of the sign up building after the 30 minute protest period.  A/AA Classes will be payout classes with a minimum of 5 entries required!